Folder tree Listings of files from Martin and Cammo:

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John took a 500MB USB hard disk with him to Australia.
Outbound, the disk contained at Martin's request, all (or as much as I could quickly assemble by reading 118 DVDs) of the drama and readings from BBC Radio Four and Seven since early in 2004. This amounted to something around 275 MB.

Martin copied the files to one of his computers and then copied onto the disk, the following folders including definitive sets of Goon Shows, Men from the Ministry and Just a Minute. I had remarked that though I had many copies of these episodes, I'd never gotten around to saving the best of each and tossing the rest. Here is the folder listing of the files that Martin transferred to the portable disk:

Begin Martin's files


End Martin's files

When we got to Cammo's house in Queensland, the same process occurred. Cammo looked through what was on the disk and copied substantially all of what was on his own hard disk (and other material). The listing of HIS files is here.

Begin Cammo's files


End Cammo's files

So the disk had plenty of bits in both directions and the computers were humming for quite a while moving these quantities of files. Although I had something of a disaster when I got home, in fact all of the files on this disk were preserved and are available. It'll be months before I work through these materials and reflect them in the web pages.

John also carried eight DVDs of My Music television episodes (originally from David Moore) to Richard Phillips. We know Richard enjoyed them a great deal as we met him again later in the trip.