My Music

Last Update: 07-Mar-2010 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by Sandy Finlayson.

My Music was created by Tony Shryane and Edward J. Mason, who also created My Word for the BBC. The first show was recorded July 31st , 1966and broadcast January 3rd, 1967. The last show was recorded in November of 1993 and broadcast on January 24th, 1994. My Music was broadcast in Britain on the Home Service for the first season and then subsequently on Radio 4. It was also broadcast on the BBC World Service and made available to stations around the world via the BBC Transcription Service.

The panelists for the first eight seasons were Ian Wallace, Denis Norden, David Franklin and Frank Muir. David Franklin's last appearance before his death was broadcast on March 18th, 1973. He was replaced by John Amis, who made his first appearance January 1st, 1974.

My Music’s “Chairman” was Steve Race who also compiled the questions beginning with the seventh series in 1972. (For the first six series this task was carried out by Edward J. Mason.) My Music had four producers during its long run: Tony Shryane, Bobby Jaye, Pete Atkin and Richard Edis.

Broadcast dates in this catalog were taken from The Radio Times.[1]  The repeat broadcast orders in Australia, and the US have been used as circumstantial evidence of the order of original broadcasts. This is a large assumption – we know there are vagaries in the BBC Transcription Service order as originally distributed, in the US distribution channel (WFMT FineArts), and in the broadcast stations in Australia and the US. While most of our recordings are those that were edited for foreign broadcast by the BBC Transcription Service, we do have a few of the original Home Service recordings and these are listed in the document.  Shows that are waiting to be slotted into a specific series were originally divided into four main categories, based on changes in signature tune and cast. [2]

Series A: 1966-73 [First Signature tune [mellotron] with Ian Wallace, Denis Norden, Franklin & Frank Muir.]

Series B: 1974-75 [First Signature tune with Ian Wallace, Denis Norden, John Amis & Frank Muir.]

Series C: 1976-82 [Second Signature tune [3][brass] with Ian Wallace, Denis Norden, John Amis & Frank Muir.]

Series D: 1983-93 [Third Signature tune [piano] with Ian Wallace, Denis Norden, John Amis & Frank Muir.]

This is still very much ‘a work-in-progress’ and it almost certainly contains errors and internal inconsistencies so there will be changes made as the work proceeds. Take the information here as a guide rather than gospel. That is not to suggest that the research has been in any way sloppy or careless, just to emphasize that slotting a given episode into the series/edition framework is an imprecise science based on extrapolation and implication.  Comments, suggestions and especially contributions of recordings are most welcome!

Table of Contents [4]

Series 1 1967

Series 2 1967-68

Special Christmas Edition 27 Dec 1967

Series 3 1968

Series 4 1969

Series 5 1969-70.

Series 6 1971.

Series 7 1971-1972.

Special Christmas Edition 26 Dec 1971.

Special Edition in Honour of the 150th Anniversary of the Royal Academy of Music

Series 8 1972-1973.

Special Christmas Edition: My Word It’s My Music! 25 Dec 1972.

Series 9 1974.

Special Edition in Honour of the Centenary of the Birth of Lillian Baylis at Sadler's Wells Theatre, London.

Series 10 1974-1975.

Series 11 1976.

Series 12 1977.

Special Edition in Honour of the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

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Series 13 1978.

Series 14 1978.

Series 15 1978-1979.

Series 16 1979-1980.

Series 17 1981.

Series 18 1982.

Series 19 1983.

Series 20 1984.

Series 21 1985.

Series 26 1990.

Series 29 1993-1994.


Broadcast Date

Series Episode

Program Details







Series 1 1967

Broadcast Tuesday9:00pm. Home Service. No Repeats.

David Franklin – Frank Muir, Ian Wallace – Denis Norden,

Steve Race (chair)

Graham Dalley at the mellotron

Producers: Tony Shryan and Edward J Mason




Recorded [5]

31 July 1966


First Broadcast

03 Jan 1967



TS #001

Recorded at ‘Paris Studio’Lower Regent Street, London [Radio Tines Picture and Short Article]

·          Light Classical Music: de Falla/Ritual Fire Dance, Ravel/Bolero, Mendelssohn/Hebrides Overture, in B minor Op. 26 "Fingal's Cave", Colonel Bogy March

·         Musical Terms: Legato, Prestisimo, Prestissimo, Con Brio, Pizzicato

·          Operatic Titles: Vesti LaJuba, La donna è mobile, Largo al Factotem, Miserere

·          Musical Forms: Sonata, Oratorio, Concerto, Fuge

·          Completing Songs: The Ash Grove, Little Brown Jug, Tom Bowling, Early One Morning

·          Dancing Music: Moonlight Saunter,Boston Two Step, The Twist, Lazenca

·          General Knowledge: Hayden’s Surprise Symphony, The Separation of Gilbert and Sullivan, ‘Beethoven’s unfinished Symphony’ Nero the Fiddler


27:03, 12,683 m





10 Jan 1967





TS #002



Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library,London

·          Famous Overtures: Rossini/William Tell, Tchaikovsky/1812 Overture, Smetena/Bartered Bride, Suppe/Light Cavalry

·          General Musical Knowledge: Moody and Sankey Hymns, Tuning a Violin, Absolute Pitch, Patron Saint of Music/St Cecilia

·          Popular Music: Los Paraguaos, Dave Brubeck, Ted Heath’s Band, Companions du Chantson

·          Musical Theory: Contrapuntal, Fifer, Sforzando, Passadeaublet

·          Completing Songs: The Girl I Left Behind Me, Eaton Boating Song, Barbara Allan, Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be?

·          Piano Music: Bach/Sheep May Safely Graze, Chopin/Minute Waltz, Chaplin/Limelight, Littolf/Scherzo

·          Composer’s Christian Names: Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Gounod, Brahms

·          Names of Dances: Cha Cha, Tango, Palaise Glide, Passadeaublet


27:06, 12,707 m



09 June 2004



17 Jan 1967






TS #003




Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library,London

·          Popular Light Classical Music: Bath/Cornish Rhapsody, Addinsell/Warsaw Concerto, Liszt Second Hungarian Rhapsody, Suppe/Poet and Peasant Overture

·          General Musical Knowledge: Initials FRCM, &  BBCM, National Anthems, Chocolate Soldier/Arms and the Man, Hansel & Gretel

·          Operetta and Musical Comedy:  Sullivan/Mikado, Romberg/Student Prince, Schubert/Hark Hark the Lark, Wild Violets

·          Orchestras or Groups: Edmundo Ross, Jimmy Shand, Mantivani, Marino Marini

·          Completing Songs: Bluebells ofScotland, Excelsior, Cummin’ thru th’Rye, Stwaberry Fair

·          LP Identifications: Boots were made for walking, Elinor Rigby,  Anyone who had a heart,  The Highway Code


27:01, 12,669 m



16 June 2004



24 Jan 1967





TS #004






Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library

·          Orchestral Masterpieces: Holst/The Planets, Rimsky-Korsakov/Flight of the Bumble Bee, Rimsky-Korsakov/ Scheherazade, Op. 35, Rossini/ Il barbiere di Siviglia

·          General Musical Knowledge: Senta, Nonette, Svelto, Marrow Bones and Cleavers

·          Film Music: Younger than Spring Time/South Pacific, 76 Trombones/Music Man, I Love Paris/Cancan, June is Busting Out All Over/Carousel

·          General Musical Knowledge: Cavalleria Rusticana/ Mascagni, The Recorder, The Beggers Opera, Palestrina

·          Musical Groups: The Shadows,  Nelson Riddle, Johnny Dankworth, Herb Alpert TijuanaBrass

·          Jazz Slang: The Canary, Tale-Gate Trombone, Lick, Licorice Sticks

·          Completing Songs: Lincolnshire Poacher, British Grenadiers, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Old Folks at Home


26:59, 12,653 m





23 June 2004



31 Jan 1967



TS #005


Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library

·          Well Known Classics: Grieg/A Minor Piano Concerto, Beethoven/Moonlight Sonata, Mendelssohn/Violin Concerto, Mendelssohn/Wedding March

·          Mood Music: November Fog, Selling Circle, January Sales, Closing Time

·          General Musical Topics: Home Sweet Home/Clarry the Made ofMilan, The Chorus, Monteverdi/L’Orfeo, Bombardan

·          Opera Music: Madama Butterfly, La Bohème, Il trovatore, Faust

·         Identifying Familiar Music: Chopin Impromptu for Piano no 4 in C sharp minor, B 87/Op. 66 "Fantaisie-Impromptu", Borodin/Prince Igor, Beethoven/ Sonata for Piano no 8 in C minor, Op. 13 "Pathétique", Ponchielli/Dance of the hours

·          Completing Songs: Lass ofRichmond Hill, Dear Old Dutch, Fiddler’s Dance, Widecombe Fair


27:01, 12,667 m



30 June 2004



07 Feb 1967



TS #006

Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library

·          Orchestral Music: Chabrier/España, Offenbach/Orpheus in the Underworld, Zampa Overture, Rose/The Stripper

·          General Musical Questions: Piano Forte, Beethoven/Moonlight Sonata, Verdi/Aida, Desert Song,

·          Song Identification: Verdi/La Traviata, Romberg/Desert Song, Puccini/La Bohème, Frimmell/Vagabond King

·          General Musical Knowledge: Bizet/Carmen, Dumas/Lady of the Camelias, Albert the Prince Consort, Giacomo Puccini

·          Completing Songs: Alouette, Lassie fromLancashire, Ye Banks and Braes, Marching ThroughGeorgia

·          General Musical Knowledge: The Æolian Harp, Schmaltz, Dulcimer, Sitar


26:54, 12,615 m



07 July 2004



14 Feb 1967



 TS #007

Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library

·          Identification: Bach/Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, Beethoven/Fifth Symphony, Goodness Gracious Me, In a Monastary Garden

·          Music From Popular Shows: No, No Nanette, White Horse Inn, Finian's Rainbow, The Most Happy Fella

·          General Musical Knowledge: Luthier, Mountain Cornet, Anitra’s Dance, Susannah

·          Dances:Charleston, Hokey Cokey, Conga, Rumba

·          Bird Songs: Black Bird, Skylark, Song Thrush, Coot

·          Identifications: Rosini/Thieving Magpie, Mozart/Marriage of Figaro, Dvorak/New World Symphony, Schubert/Marche Militaire

·          Completing Songs: Dashing Away, Early Bird, Charlie is M’Darling, Who’s Your Lady Friend , My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean,


26:57 12,643 m



14 July 2004




05 Feb 1966


First Broadcast

21 Feb 1967



 TS #008

Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library

·          Orchestral Music: Saint-Saens/Le Cygne, Toselli/Serenade, Rubinstein/Melody in F, Schubert/Serenade

·          General Musical Knowledge: Bullfighter in Carmen, Carmen’s occupation, Madam Butterfly’s real name, Madam Butterfly’s suicide.

·          Operatic Arias: Turandot, Rigoletto, Martha, Faust

·          General Musical Knowledge: Piano/Violin/Cello/trio, Cramona, Verdi’s use of Shakespeare, Cavalleria Rusticana 

·          Identifications: La Donna Mobile, Mad Dogs and Englishman, I Feel Pretty,Toreador

·          General Musical Knowledge: Gangs inWestside Story,Brandenburg Concertos, Sound of Music heroes & heroines, Britten Operas

·          Film Music: TheLast Mountain, Moulin Rouge, Damn Busters, Exodus

·          Completing Songs: We’ll cling together, Nymphs and Shepherds, Beautiful Doll

David Franklin-Lionel Hale,

Ian Wallace-Denis Norden

27:04, 12,689 m



21 July 2004



28 Feb 1967



 TS #009

Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library

·          Gounod/March from Faust, Grieg/Peer Gynt Suite no 1, Op. 46: no 1, Prelude "Morning", Tchaikovsky/Sleeping Beauty, Mozart/Hayden/Toy Symphony

·          Questions about Musical Instruments: Glochenspiel, Nun’s Fiddle, Bagpipes, Purfling

·          Identification of Musicians: Chaliapin, Millie, Stephan Grappelli & Jango Reinhardt, Vera Lynn

·          Mood Music: Space Call, Rotation Machines, The Little People, Sex Kitten

·          Miscellaneous Musical Knowledge: Wagner/The Ring, Keep the Home Fires Burning, Edward German/Tom Jones, Handel & Beethoven Pastoral Symphonies

·          Completing Songs: Silver Threads Among the Gold, Grand and Glorious Feeling, Ramona, Goodbye


26:59, 12,657 m


28 July 2004



07 March 1967



 TS #010

Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library

·          Strauss Music: Acceleration Waltz, Thunder and Lightening Polka, Emperor Waltz, Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka

·          Musical Associations: The Cat’s Fugue,  French Songs, Margery Kenndy Fraser, Pictures at an Exhibition

·          Imaginary Silent Cinema Music

·          Famous Musicals: Lehar/Land of Smiles, Lowe/Gigi, Ellis/Bless the Bride, Porter/Kiss me Kate

·          Gilbert and Sullivan: Gondoliers, Iolanthe, Mikado, Yeoman of the Guard

·          Completing Songs: If those Lips Could Only Speak,  Always,  It’s Nice to Get Up in the Morning, Yes We Have No Bananas


27:04, 12,690 m



04 August 2004



14 March 1967



 TS #011

Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library

·          Instrumental Music: Strauss/Tales from theVienna Woods, Offenbach/Tales of Hoffmann, Rimsky-Korsakov/Hindu Song, Dvorák/Humoresques

·          Christian Names of Composers: Christoph W. Gluck, Nikolai A Rimsky-Korsakov, Carl Maria von Weber, Dmitri Shostakovich

·          Famous Musicals: Salad Days, Pyjama Game, Oliver, Naughty Marietta

·          Mood Music: The Circus Comes to Town, Running Jump,Overland toOregon:Wagon Train, Cantering Cats

·          Singers: Gertrude Lawrence, Burl Ives, Shirley Bassey, Tommy Steele

·          Operatic and Musical Characters: Peter Grimes, Song ofNorway, Magic Flute, Show Boat,

·          Completing Songs: On Ilkley Moore Bar T'at., Carolina Moon, Farmer’s Boy, Vive La Companie


26:58, 12,645 m



11 August 2004




05 Feb 1966



First Broadcast

21 March 1967



 TS #012

Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library

·          Light Music: Baynes/Destiny Waltz, Tchaikovsky/Waltz of the Flowers, MascagniCavalleria Rusticana, Prokofiev March from ThreeOranges

·          Christian Names of Composers: Camille Saint-Saëns, Igor Stravinsky, George Frideric Handel, Felix Mendelssohn

·          Stage and Screen Musicals: Showboat, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Sound of Music, West Side Story

·          Musical Policemen: The Bold Gendarme, Policeman’s Holiday, A Policeman’s Lot is Not a Happy One, If You Want to Know the Time Ask a Policeman

·          General Musical Knowledge: A Madrigal, Kerchel, Tripple Tonguing, Origin of the Saxaphone

·          Titles of Popular Songs: Because, Dinah, Chicago, Amapolla

·          Titles of Gilbert &  Sullivan Operas, Iolanthe, Pirates ofPenzance,  Yeomen of the Guard, Gondoliers

·          Completing Songs: I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree,  Little Annie Roonie, When I Grow to Old to Dream, Here’s Health Unto His Majesty

David Franklin-Lionel Hale,

Ian Wallace-Denis Norden

27:02, 12,677 m


18 August 2004



28 March 1967



 TS #013



Recorded before a Live Audience at the Kensington and Chelsea Central Library

·          Popular Classics: TchaikovskyEugene Onegin/Polonaise, Brahms/Hungarian Dance, Elgar/Enigma Variations, Waldteufel/Skaters Waltz

·          General Musical Knowledge: Origin of Dido and Aeneas, La Bohème, Paganini, Tartini

·          Bird Songs: Robin, Night Jar, Nightingale, Lark

·          Famous Singers: Maria Callas, Conchita Supervia, Kathleen Ferrier, Marian Anderson

·          Music Representing Stories, Objects or Events: Hayden/ Clock Symphony, Handel/Water Music, Rogers/Slaughter on10th  Ave., Coates/Three Bears

·          Animals from Saint-Saëns/Carnival of the Animals: Lions, Cuckoo, Elephant, Donkey

·          Completing Songs: In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree, You Made me Love You, Bobby Shaftoe's gone to Sea, Comrades


27:00, 12,659 m


25 August 2004





Series 2 1967-68

Broadcast Radio 4: Wed7:00pm / Tuesday 12:25pm

David Franklin – Frank Muir, Ian Wallace – Denis Norden,

Steve Race (chair)

Graham Dalley at the mellotron

Producer: Tony Shryan




04 Oct 1967



 TS #014

·          Instrumental Music: Elgar/Pomp &  Circumstance March no. 1, Weber/Invitation to the Dance, Mozart/Horn Concerto No. 4, Tchaikovsky, Waltz from Sleeping Beauty

·          Final Scenes from Operas: Peter Grimes, Falstaff, Boris Godunov, Götterdämmerung

·          Songs Most Loathed: Flower Song from Faust, Le Fiacre, Come Into the Garden Maude, Drawing Room Ballads

·          Introductions to Songs: Schubert/Auf der Bruck, Who is Sylvia?, Ave Maria, Moira My Girl

·          General Musical Knowledge: Mute Opera Character/Toby, Bersures, Music Critic who Became a Cricket Player/Cardis & Music Critic who became a Playwrite/Shaw, Muffled Drums

·          Completing Songs: Soldiers of the Queen, After the Ball Was Over, Bonnie Mary of Argyle, Tell Me, Pretty Maiden


26:59, 12,317 m

[Missing end credits]



01 Sept  2004



11 Oct 1967



 TS #015

·          Instrumental Music: Mendelssohn/ Symphony no 4 in A major, Op. 90 "Italian", Kreisler/ Schön Rosmarin, Delibes/Coppélia, Dukas/Sorcerer's Apprentice

·          General Musical Knowledge: Chopin/Minute Waltz, Tenement Symphony, Tannhäuser, Floradora

·          Children’s Nursery Rhymes: Hickory Dickory Dock, Lucky Locket, Hot Cross Buns, Three Little Kittens

·          Well Known Music: Mendelssohn/Wedding March, Third Man Theme, Wagner/Wedding March, Debussy/Clair de Lune

·          Music fromItaly: Carnival inVenice, Santa. Lucia,  Come back to Sorento, Funiculi Funicula

·          Film Themes: Dr. Zivago, TheAlamo, On the Beach, The Magnificent Seven

·          Completing Songs: Come Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl, When its spring time in theRockies, Sweet Genevieve, You are my Honeysuckle


27:02, 12,677 m



08 Sept 2004



18.Oct 1967



 TS #016

·          Orchestral Music: Mozart/"Eine kleine Nachtmusik",  Ravel/Pavane Pour une Infante Defunte, Chopin/Nocturne Op 9, Mussorgsky/Night on the Bare Mountain

·          Humperdinck/Hänsel und Gretel, Origin of Tarantella, Wagner’s Opera House, Origin of Tattoo

·          Songs from Musicals: Vagabond King, New Moon, Rosmarie, Boys fromSyracuse

·          Characters fomr Operas: La Bohème, Tannhäuser, Aida, Faust

·          Identifications: Gerald Moore/Kathleen Ferrier/Isabel Bailey,Sandy Shore, John McCormick, The Seekers, Caruso, Jerome Kern, Brahms, Ravitch and Landaw

·          Completing Songs: Two Lovely Black Eyes, Little Sir Echo, Come Back toErin, Ship Ahoy!


27:07, 12,721 m



15 Sept 2004



25 Oct 1967



 TS #017

·          Identifications: Nicolai/The Merry Wives ofWindsor, Delibes/Sylvia Ballet, Sibelius/Finlandia, Suppe/Pique Dame

·          Song Lyrics: Lost Chord, Mademoiselle fromArmentieres, Asleep in the Deep, Sweet Adeline

·          Noel Coward and Ivor Novello Shows: Follow My Secret Heart/Conversation Piece, Glamorous Nights, Some Day My Heart Will Awake/King’s Rhapsody, Stately Homes ofEngland/ Operette

·          Opera Questions Hansel und Gretel, Lohengrin, Manon Lescaut, Lucia di Lammermoor 

·          Film Music: Broadway Melody, Dearly Beloved, High Society, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

·          General Musical Knowledge: Life of Rossini, Judy Garland/Star is Born, Francis Scott Key /Star Spangled Banner, Granadina Dance

·          Completing Songs: John Peel, At Trinity Church I met my doom Skye Boat Song, What Will I Do?


26:55, 12,621 m



22 Sept 2004



01 Nov 1967



 TS #018

·          Identifications: McDowell/To a Wild Rose, Bach/Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Meyerbeer/March from The Prophet, Beethoven/Minuet in G

·          Songs that Tell a Story: Frankie and Johnnie, Whitacombe Fair, Clang Clang Clang Went the Trolley, Meet me inSt. Louis

·          Mood Music: Catherine Wheel, The Cat and the Hippo, The Equilibrist, Engagement Ring

·          General Musical Knowledge: Mirror Fugue, Guitar in Count Basey’s Band, Rule Britannia, Stopping a French Horn

·          Film Biographies: Rhapsody in Blue/Gershwin, Song Without End/Liszt, Words and Music/Hart, Song to Remember/Chopin

·          Completing Songs: Down at the Old Bull and Bush, Laugh Clown Laugh, Killarney, The Campbell’s are Coming


26:58, 12,647 m

[some surface noise]



29 Sept 2004



08 Nov 1967





 TS #019

·          Classical Themes: Rossini/La Boutique Fantasque, Schubert/Symphony no. 8 Unfinished, Verdi/Prelude to La traviata, Tchaikovsky/Symphony no 6 in B minor, Op. 74 "Pathétique"

·          Opera Composers: Ponchielli, Weber, Delibes, Donizetti

·          Song Lyrics: On a Slow Boat toChina, Maria,Surrey with a Fringe on Top,  I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

·          Distinctive Music: German Children’s Choir, Spike Jones and his City Slickers, Fred Astaire, Red Army Ensemble

·          Musical General Knowledge: Prom Concerts, Frog Quartet, Dame Maggie Tat, VS=Volte Subbito

·          Tunes from Films: Days of Wine and Roses, Mondo Carne, TheInn of the Sixth Happiness, The Man Who Knew Too Much

·          Completing Songs: I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside, Molly, Loch Lomund, Who’s Taking You Home Tonight


27:05, 12,702 m




06 Oct 2004



15 Nov 1967



 TS #020


·          Orchestral Music: Wagner/Prelude to Die Meistersinger, Gilbert & Sullivan/Iolanthe, Chopin/Prelude, Humperdinck/Overture to Hansel and Gretel

·          Words from Popular Songs: Laura,Nancy With the Laughing Face, Marta,Velia

·          Musical Instruments: Core Anglaise, Lute, Harpsichord &  Recorder, Four Tubas

·          General Musical Knowledge: Concrete Music, Tempo Comodo, Barytone, Baggatelle

·          Titles of Songs: Avalon, Somebody Stole My Gal, As Time Goes By, My Melancholy Baby

·          Opera Identifications: Die Fledermaus, Girl of the Golden West, The Tales of Hoffman, Salome

·           Completing Songs: There’s No Place Like Home, Two Little Girls in Blue, Annie Laurie, La Marseillaise


27:03, 12,680 m



13 Oct 2004



22 Nov 1967


No Broadcast [6]





29 Nov 1967



 TS #021




·          Songs by Famous Composers: Gieg/Solveig’s Song, Delibes/Les Filles de Cadiz "Chanson Espagnole", Brahms/Cradle Song, Mendelssohn/On Wings of Song

·          Identifying Songs: I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Breathless, For Me & My Girl, Deep in the Heart ofTexas

·          Mood Music: Desert Memory, Eerie Visitor, Tall Ships, General Alarm

·          General Musical Knowledge: Stavinsky/Pétrouchka, Death of Granadosby Torpedo, Hiawatha/ Coleridge-Taylor, Carrie Jacobs-Bond

·          Musical Addresses:St. Louis,Winchester, Kalamazoo, Valentia

·          Completing Songs: Glorious Beer, Me and My Shadow, A Little Bit of Heaven, Thanks for the Memories


27:02, 12,677 m



20 Oct 2004



06 Dec 1967



 TS #022

·          Orchestral Music: Saint-Saens/Bacchanalle from Sampson & Delilah, Wagner/March from Tannhäuser, Debussy/Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, Berlioz/Hungarian March

·          Song Lyrics: I’m Dancing with Tears in My Eyes, Mountain Greenery, Try a Little Tenderness, Mack the Knife

·          Songs from Shows: Porgy and Bess, Brigadoon, Guys and Dolls, Camelot

·          General Musical Knowledge: Schubert/Tout Quintet, Verbunko, Handel’sLargo, Castle Walk

·          Songs inspired by Girls: Mona Lisa, Patricia, Maria Helena, Diane

·          General Musical Knowledge: Belini’s Norma, Leonard Bernstein, Two Worlds Festival, Barbershop Music

·          Completing Songs: My Mother’s Birthday Today, Maybe it’s Because I’m a Londoner, I Love You So, On Top of Old Smokey


26:51, 12,593 m




27 Oct 2004



13 Dec 1967



 TS #023

·          Orchestral Music: Mussorgsky/Gopac from Sorochintsy Fair,  Grieg/Anitra’s Dance  Massenet/Meditation from Thaïs:, Chopin/ Op. 10: no 3 in E major, B 74 "Tristesse"  

·          Song Identifications: Brown Bird Singing, Songs My Mother Taught Me,Linden Lea, Bird Songs at Evening

·          Musical Place Names:San Francisco,Massachusetts,Nebraska,London

·          Opera Questions: Don Giovanni, Porgy and Bess, Glinka, Elektra, Op. 58 

·          Colors in Songs: Mood Indigo, Green Green Grass of Home, Deep Purple, Black Bottom

·          Musical Terms: Cammazenga, Quaile, Scherzo, Nail Fiddle

·          Completing Songs: By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Because I’m in Love, Ah Sweet Mystery of Life, Under the Bridges of Paris


26:58, 12,645 m



03 Nov 2004



20 Dec 1967




 TS #024


·          Orchestral Music: Beethoven/Egmont Overture, Williams/Dream of Olwen, Prokofiev/Peter and the Wolf, Weinberger/ Schwanda the Bagpiper

·          Who’s the Girl? Michelle, Nicola, Annabelle Lea, Rita

·          Answers in the Words of Songs: Singin’ In the Rain, Mammy, Lady ofSpain, Little German Band

·          Songs from the Shows: Fiddler on the Roof, Kismet, This Year of Grace, Annie Get Your Gun

·          Completing Songs: Oh Mine Papa, You Were Meant For Me, Come Into the Garden Maude,  Don’t Put Your Daugher on the Stage

·          Opera Questions: Bartered Bride, La vie Parisienne, Bizet & Sullivan, Otello

·          Music from Films: Pinocchio, Pal Joey, Exodus, Finders Keepers

·          Marches: March of the Siamese Children, Royal Air Force March Past, March Slave, Under the Double Eagle


26:55, 12,621 m


10 Nov 2004



27 Dec 1967



 TS #027 [7]

Special Christmas Edition 27 Dec 1967


·          Identifications: Sleigh Ride, Little Drummer Boy, Little   Donkey, The Twelve Days of Christmas

·          Opera: Albert Coates, Billy Bud, Tales of Hoffman, Rosini/Turandot

·          Answers in the Words of a Song: Good King Wenceslas, Wassail Song, When the Red Red Robin, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

·          Signs of the Zodiac: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Taurus, Pisces

·          Completing Songs: Soldiers Chorus, Glad Rag Doll, Home Home on the Range,  Don’t Bring Lulu

·          Drinks in Songs: Cider, Hot Toddy, Whiskey, Tokay

·          Jingle Bells on Harmonica and Washboard &  Harmonica & Tambourine


27:00, 12,663 m




22 Dec 2004


03 Jan 1968



 TS #025

·          Orchestral Music: Beethoven/Coriolan Overture, Handel/Music for the Royal Fireworks, Sibelius/Karelia Suite, Wagner/Ride of the Valkyries,

·          General Musical Knowledge: Flea in Berlioz Faust, Counter Tenor, Trumpet Voluntary/Clark, Contrafagot

·          Well Loved Singers: Peter Dawson, Victoria delos Angeles, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Beniamino Gili

·          Opera Questions: Two versions of La Bohème, Norma, William Tell, Ariadne &  Bluebeard

·          Foreign Song titles: Oh Preadda ma Blonde, Besso mi mucco, Quondo Quondo Quondo

·          Completing Songs: Polly Wolly Doodle, Underneath the Arches, Tulips fromAmsterdam, Bless You for Being an Angel


26:54, 12,617 m


17 Nov 2004



10 Jan 1968




 TS #026

·          Orchestral Music: Tchaikovsky/Capprice Italien, Sibelius/Valse triste, Rimsky-Korsakov/Capriccio espagnol, Op. 34 , Rossini/Semiramide: Overture

·          General Musical Knowledge: Origin of Chopsticks, ‘Hairpins’, Debussy/Children’s Corner, Bow Pushing & Pulling

·          British Songs: Miller of Dea, The Keel Row, The Oak and the Ash, Heart of Oak

·          Oscar Winning Songs from the Films: Three Coins in the Fountain, The Joker is Wild, Calamity Jane,Neptune’s Daughter

·          Opera Questions: Un ballo in maschera, Snow Maiden, Le nozze di Figaro & Il barbiere di Siviglia, Così fan tutte

·          Gilbert & Sullivan Operas: Mikado, Gondoliers, Yeomen of the Guard, Pirates ofPenzance

·          Completing Songs: Roll out the Barrel, Falling In Love With Love, Down Below, Just Put out the Light


26:57, 12,641 m


24 Nov 2004





Series 3 1968
Broadcast Radio 4: Mon7:00pm / Sunday12:25pm

David Franklin – Frank Muir, Ian Wallace – Denis Norden,

Steve Race (chair)

Graham Dalley at the mellotron

Producer: Tony Shryan




29 April 1968




 TS #028



·          Orchestral Music: Wagner/Overture to Rienzi, Tchaikovsky/Romeo & Juliet, Beethoven/Emperor Concerto, Bach/Air on a G String

·          ‘Creatures in Music’: ‘Horsey Horsey’, The Worm, Ugly Duckling, Frog

·          Musical Terms:Largo, English Fingering, Stroke Zither, Colophony

·          Music from the Opera: Rusalka, Casanova, Nabucco, Madama Butterfly

·          Music from the Films: Sound of Music, High Society, Can Can,Lawrence ofArabia

·          Completing Songs: Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Scatterbrain, Heren, Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered


26:58, 12,645 m


01 Dec 2004



06 May 1968



 TS #029

·          Orchestral Music Delibes/Valse Lente from Coppelia, Beethoven Pastoral Symphony, Chopin Prelude in A Major, Smetana/Voltava

·          Opera Characters: Norma, Aida, Fideleo, Turandot

·          Workers in Songs: Cobbler, Estate Agent, Grocer, Dustman

·          Popular Songs: If You Knew Suzy, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Oh Johnny, I Left My Heart inSan Francisco

·          Popular Music: La Mere, Elizabethan Serenade, Mexican Hat Dance, Trumpet Voluntary

·          General Musical Dances: Galliard &  Pavanne Frence Dances, J S Bach, The Pirates ofPenzance, Belshazzar's Feast

·          Completing Songs: The Lost Chord, Three Little Fishies, Banks of Allan Water, Love and Marriage


26:58, 12,643 m


08 Dec 2004



13 May 1968



 TS #030

·          Orchestral Music: Sibelius/Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Delibes/Prelude to Sylvia, Tchaikovsky/ Eugene Onegin , Holst/Mars from the Planets

·          Musical Associations: Dreams of Alwin and Gerontius, April and American inParis, Love Me Tonight and the Love of ThreeOranges, Mood Indigo and In the Mood

·          Well Loved Songs: Where Ere You Walk, Oh For the Wings of a Dove, Blow the Wind Southerly, I’ll Walk Beside You

·          Composers First Names: Mikhail Glinka, Claude Debussy, Bedrich Smetana, Giuseppe Verdi

·          Moving to Music

·          Gilbert & Sullivan Operas: Mikada, Gondoliers, Pirates ofPenzance, HMS Pinafore

·          Technicalities: Fardough, Double Stopping, Short Stick, Guitarists Left Thumb

·          Completing Songs: Bless This House, I’m Goin’ Back, Mother MacRee, Lili Marlene


26:58, 12,657 m



15 Dec 2004



20 May 1968



 TS #031

·          Orchestral Music: Mozart/Clarinet Concerto in A Major K622, Vidor/Toccata, Bruch/Violin Concerto in B Minor, Rossini/William Tell Ballet

·          Questions from Songs: I Could Have Danced All Night, I Lift My Fingers and Say Tweet Tweet, I Can’t Do Up My Bally Bottom Button, Real Life Girl

·          Vocal Music: Mendelssohn/Rest in the Lord, Puccini Humming Chorus, Zeller/Der Obersteiger, Strauss/Laughing Song

·          Fanciful Descriptions of Electronic Sounds

·          General Musical Knowledge: Overtures to Fidelio, Kwela, Big NoiseWinnetka, Size of Holes in Gramophone Records

·          Completing Songs: I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, Anything Goes, Wi' a hundred pipers, an' a', Deep Purple


27:07, 12718 m


29 Dec 2004




24 May 1968



First Broadcast

27 May 1968



 TS #032

·          Orchestral Music: Dvorak/Carnival Overture, Brahms/Hungarian Dance # 6 in D Flat, Tchaikovsky/Chanson Triste, Schubert/C Major Symphony

·          Answers in the Words of Songs: I’m Just Wild About Harold, I’ve Got Her Under My Skin, Sweet little Alice Blue Gown, I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

·          Show Tunes: Lehar/Friederike, Reynolds & Slade/Salad Days, Frummel/Rosmaire, Bock/Fiddler on the Roof

·          Opera Questions: Lucia di Lammermoor, La Cenerentola, Le nozze di Figaro, Rigoletto

·          Piano Music: Brahms/Waltz # 15, Liszt/La Campanella, Beethoven/ Für Elise, Chopin Etude # 12 C minor

·          General Musical Knowledge: Difference between Bands and Orchestra’s, Fred Karno's Army, Bouche Ferme, Kaliopee

·          Completing Songs: Golden Slumbers, I’ll Be Seeing You, It’s a Great Big Shame, Living Doll

David Franklin - Michael Flanders

Ian Wallace -Denis Norden

26:59, 12655 m


05 Jan 2005


03 June 1968




 TS #033

·          Orchestral Music Bizet/Overture to La Lasienne Suite No. 1, Khachaturian/Sabre Dance,Coates/Oxford Street, Tchaikovsky/Dance of the Sugar Plumb Ferry

·          Answers in the Words of Songs: On the Good Ship Lollipop, Heart Hearted Hannah, A Nice Cup of Tea, I Got that Old Feeling

·          Songs about Jobs: Phil the Fluter, The Waiter and the Porter and the Upstairs Maid, Muleteer, Umbrella Man

·          Opera Titles: Dido and Aeneas, Tristan und Isolde, Der Rosenkavalier, Don Giovanni

·          General Musical Knowledge: Potpourri, Benjamin Franklin/Harmonica, Fret, Marching throughGeorgia

·          Completing Songs: Peggy O’Neal, I Wonder Where My Baby Is, Jolly Good Day, Apple Blossom Time


27:00, 12663 m


12 Jan 2005


10 June 1968



 TS #034

·          Orchestral Music: Elgar/Cockaigne Overture, Rachmaninov/ Piano Concerto # 2 C Minor, Tchaikovsky/Waltz from the Serenade for Strings in C Major, Ketèlbey Bells Across the Meadow

·          General Musical Knowledge: Hecklephone, Kit, A Yodel, Tristun & Isolde’s Prompter

·          Songs about Birds: La Paloma, Flamingo, If I Were a Blackbird, Budgerigar

·          Characters in Gilbert and Sullivan:Jack Point, The Duke of Plaatoro, Lord Chancellor, Three Little Maids from School

·          Girls Names in Songs: Dinah, Lisa, Millie, Louise

·          Opera Composers: Jean-Baptiste Lully, Wagner, Puccini, Rossini

·          Completing Songs: Alice Where Art Thou? Dancing Tonight, Happy As We Sing Together,A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening


27:00, 12664 m


19 Jan 2005


17 June 1968


# 035

TS #035

·          Music from Opera: Verdi/Triumphal March from Aida, Bizet/March from Carmen, Mozart/March from Marriage of Figaro, Wagner/March from Tanhoiser

·          General Musical Knowledge: Pedal Piano, Monday Pops, Pentatonic Scale, Difference between a Leader and Concert Master

·          Famous Singers: Joan Hammond, Owen Brannigan,Victoria delos Angeles, Feodor Chaliapin

·          Composers of Shows: Maid of the Mountains/Simpson and Tate, Choo Chin Chow/Frederick Nordon, Bless the Bride/Ellis and Herbert,Land ofSmiles/Lehar

·          Answers in the Words of Songs: In Dublin’sFair City, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, I Must Go Down to the Seas Again, Old Black Magic

·          Completing Songs: Rule Britannia, I Can’t Give You Anything but Love, Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me a Bow Wow, Maybe That’s Why I Love You


27:01, 12667 m


26 Jan 2005


24 June 1968





# 036

TS #036

·          Orchestral Music: Weber/Overture to Oberon, Ketelbey/In a Persian Market, Wolf-Ferrari/Jewels of the Madonna, Strauss/BlueDanube

·          General Musical Knowledge: Wozzeck, Keeners,Bayreuth Festival, Stride Piano

·          Songs from Operas & Operettas: MerryEngland, Merry Widow, Tom Jones, Hiawatha

·          Answers in the Words of Songs: My Darling Clementine, White Christmas, Keep the Home Fires Burning, You Made Me Love You

·          Children’s Choice Music: Tubby the Tuba, Runaway Train, Mole in a Hole, Christopher Robin is Saying his Prayers

·          Completing Songs: Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Georgia On My Mind, Keep Right On To The End of the Road, Thank You Very Much


27:06, 12707 m


02 Feb 2005


01 July1968


# 037

TS #037

·          Music by Tchaikovsky: Rose Adagio from Sleeping Beauty, Chinese Dance from the Nutcracker, Chanson Parole, Dance of the Swans

·          General Musical Knowledge: Torch Song, High Hat, Wallace in Wonderland, An A and R Man

·          Questions on Don Giovanni: Alternative Title, 1003 Girls, Commendatore, Commendatore’s revenge

·          Show Tunes: Flash Bang Wallop, Comedy Tonight, My Heart and I, Cabaret

·          Titles of Songs: Sitting on the Fence, Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Two Lovely Black Eyes, It Aint What You Do

·          Completing Songs: Excelsior, Lady ofSpain, When All Night Long, Round the Marble Arch


26:56, 12633 m


09 Feb 2005


08 July 1968


# 038

TS #038

·          Instrumental Music:Holiday for Strings, Music to Watch Girls By, Question and Answer, Petit Fleur

·          General Musical Knowledge: Let’s Make an Opera/William Blake, Circular Canon, Highland Fling, A Bore

·          Who is the Performer? Peter Ustinov, Freddie and the Drifters, Ian Wallace [at high speed], Luton Girls Choir

·          Questions about Musicals: Annie Get Your Gun/Berlin, Frank Lesser and HoagieCarmichael. Call Me Madam/Berlin, Oliver/Ron Moody

·          Song Lyrics: You’ll Never Walk Alone, Dancing Cheek to Cheek, Beside the Sea Side, Mighty Like a Rose

·          Musical Fish: “Skaters Waltz”, “Whale Meet Again”, “Rose ofEngland”, “A Summer Place”

·          Musical Identifications: Harmonious Blacksmith, Intermezzo from Escape to Happiness, Dance from MerryEngland, 1812 Overture

·          Completing Songs: It Aint Goin’ To Rain No More, I’m Going to Marry, Get Me to the Church On Time, Katie


26:59, 12655 m


16 Feb 2005


15 July 1968


# 039

TS #039

·          Romantic Classical Music: Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1, Rachmaninov/Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini, Op. 43, Chopin/Polonaise, Sinding/Rustles of Spring

·          Musical Terms: Whiffler, Gopak, Clavisiferian, Farandol

·          Stage and Film Musicals: Mary Poppins, Snow White, Oliver, Fiddler on the Roof

·          Opera: Der Rosenkavalier, La Bohème, Don Giovanni, Il trovatore

·          Bird Songs: Ne-ne, Swan, Red-billed whistling duck, Eider

·          Composer’s Christian Names: Charles Gounod, Buddy DeSilva, Herb Brown & Ray Henderson, Ruggero Leoncavallo, Niccolò Paganini

·          Completing Songs: Galloping Major, Henry the VIII I Am, Grandfather’s Clock, In The Garden of Your Heart


26:57, 12639 m


23 Feb 2005


22 July 1968


# 040

TS #040

·          Music Places:Brazil, Spain, Paris,Monterey

·          General Musical Knowledge: Hurdy Gurdy, Take Five, Bumps-a-Daisy, Jug Band

·          Songs from the Shows and their dates: Merry Widow/1907, Babes In Arms/1937, Love Me Tonight/1932, Sound of Music/1960

·          Famous Melodies: Beethoven/9th Symphony, Mozart/ Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Tchaikovsky/5th Symphony, Brahms/Academic Festival Orchestra

·          Bugle Calls: Reveille, Defaulters, Grub Up, Bugle Call Rag

·          Completing Songs: Show Me The Way To Go Home, Catch a Falling Star, Forever and a Day, Jolly Good Company


26:59, 12659 m


02 Mar 2005




Series 4 1969

Broadcast Radio 4 Monday at7:00 PM Repeated the following Sunday at12:25

David Franklin – Frank Muir, Ian Wallace – Denis Norden,

Steve Race (chair)

Graham Dalley at the mellotron

Producer: Tony Shryan




10 March 1969


# 041

TS #041

·          Orchestral Music: Gershwin/Rhapsody in Blue, Sibelius/Finlandia,  Mozart/Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Grieg/Peer Gynt

·          Opera: Porgy & Bess, Salome, Rigoletto, Magic Flute

·          Nursery Rhymes: The Grand Old Duke ofYork, Ride a Cock Horse, Ding DongBell, Polly Put the Kettle On

·          Choruses from Operas: La traviata, Gondoliers, Lohengrin, Tannhäuser

·          Song Titles: Little Brown Jug, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, I Belong toGlasgow, Catch a Falling Star

·          Completing Songs: Ta Ra-Ra-Boom De-Ay, Sing As We Go, I Dream of Jeannie, Strolling in the Park One Day


27:01, 12671 m


09 Mar 2005


17 March 1969


# 042

TS #042

·          Familiar Waltz Tunes: R Strauss/Der Rosenkavalier, J Strauss/Artist’s Life, Tchaikovsky/Waltz of the Flowers, Lehár/Merry Widow Waltz

·          Gold Disk: First Gold Disk/Caruso 1903, Oh for the Wings 1962, Andrews Sisters/1937, Rose Marie/Indian Love Call

·          Nostalgic Songs: Gertrude Lawrence/The Physician, Peter Sellers/My Old Dutch, Cecily Courtnage/Something about a Soldier, Richard Tauber/O sola mio

·          General Musical Knowledge: Dead March from Saul, “A Broken Cosort”, Eric Coates, Change Ringing

·          Popular Songs: I’ll Follow My Secret Heart, I Feel Pretty, I’m Going to Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair,Surrey with a Fringe On Top

·          Completing Songs: Where Did You Get That Hat, Won't you come home, Bill Bailey, Who is Sylvia, What is She? A Song of Love


26:59, 12651 m


16 Mar 2005



06 March 1969





24 March 1969


# 043

TS #043

·          Identifications: Mozart/Die Entführung aus dem Serail, K 384, Stravinsky/Firebird Suite, Vivaldi/Spring from the Four Seasons, Monte Csardas

·          Opera Plots: Tannhäuser, Lucia di Lammermoor, The Tales of Hoffmann, Pagliacci

·          Nursery Rhymes: Where Are You Going To My Pretty Maid?, cock-a-doodle-doo's,Oranges and Lemons, Goosey Goosey Gander

·          General Musical Knowledge: Band at the Floral Dance, ‘Common Time’, ‘Rhythm Section’,  ‘Bouzouki music’

·          Men’s Names: Bertie, Tom, John, William

·          Completing Songs: There was I waiting at the Church, All by Yourself in the Moonlight, On the Loveliest Night of the Year, In Eleven more Days

·          Miscellaneous Questions: First audience for Wagner's Siegfried Idyll, Purpose of the Loud Pedal, Difference between First and Second Trumpet, Place of the Piccolo in the Brass Band

David Franklin – Barry Took,  Ian Wallace – Denis Norden

26:55 12621 m


23 Mar 2005


31 March 1969


# 044

TS #044

·          Music from Operettas: Lehar/Count of Luxemburg, Straus/Chocolate Soldier, Kálmán/ The Countess Maritza, Strauss/The Gypsey Baron

·          Opera Plots: Victims in Carmen, Rigoletto’s Curse, Puccini’s Opera, Rhine Maidens

·          Instruments of the Orchestra: Glochenspiel, Bass Clarinet, Conta Basoon, Flat Stick

·          General Musical Knowledge: Crescendo, Knob on a Grand Piano, Snare, Thunder Stick

·          Records that Sold a Million: It’s Not Unusual/Tom Jones, Diana/Paul Anka, I Remember You/Frank Ifield, Yours/Vera Lynn

·          Completing Songs: Swannee, He Played His Ukulele As The Ship Went Down, Raining Violets, Shine On Harvest Moon


27:06, 12713


30 Mar 2005


07 April 1969


# 045

TS #045

·          Orchestral Music: Mozart/Overture to the Magic Flute, Strauss/Pizzicato Polka, Delius/On Hearing the First Cuckoo In Spring, Schubert/Moment Musical No. 3

·          General Musical Knowledge: Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony, Steel Beater, Scotch Snap, Rimsky-Korsakov Opera

·          Mood Music: Made up Titles

·          Song Titles: Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Yellow Polka dotBikini, Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter, These Foolish Things   

·          Operas: Bohemian Girl, Patience, Der fliegende Holländer, Marriage of Figaro

·          Completing Songs: Silvery Moon, Song from A Star is Born, My A’en Folk,Carolina


26:57, 12641 m


06 April 2005


14 April 1969


# 046

TS #046

·          Orchestral Music: J Strauss/Morgenblatter Waltz, Fibich/Poem, Bizet/Serenade from the Fair Maid of Ferth, Righini/Ballet Egyptian

·          Children’s Books:Alice in Wonderland, Noddy Meets Big Ears, The Owl and the Pussycat,  Now We Are Six

·          Opera Characters & Plots: Pinkerton/Madame Butterfly, Il Trovatore, Boris Gudunov, Faust

·          Show Tunes: Camelot, Funny Girl, Maritana, Bless the Bride

·          Television Themes: Maigret, Dr. Kildaie, Perry Mason, Steptoe and Son

·          Completing Songs: Oh Oh Antonio, Bye Bye Black Bird, The Scottish Soldier, Happy Days Are Here Again


26:56 12,629 m


13 April 2005


21 April 1969


# 047

TS #047

·          Music From the Stage: Rimsky Koraskov Dance of the Tumblers, Tchaikovsky/Russian Dance from the Nutcracker, Drigo/Harlequin’s Millions, Delibes/Coppélia: Czárdás  

·          Operas: Donizetti/L'Elisir d'Amore, Offenbach/Les contes d'Hoffmann, Puccini/Tosca, Bizet/Carmen

·          General Musical Knowledge: Piano arrangement of Jesu, joy of man's desiring, A Mirliton, An F Hole, A Harp Stop

·          Songs from Children’s Records: Winnie the Pooh, Hilaire Belloc’s Cautionary Tales, The Water Babies, Old Father William

·          Musicals:Oklahoma, The King and I,West Side Story, The Big Store

·          Completing Songs: Goodbye-ee, On Moonlight Bay, Hello Dolly, We’re Off to See the Wizard


26:56 12,633 m


20 April 2005


28 April 1969


# 048

TS #048

·          Familiar Overtures: Mozrt/Cosi Fan Tutte, Suppe/Poet and Peasant Overture, Balfe/Bohemian Girl, Sullivan/Mikado

·          Marching  Songs: Dixie, La Marseillaise, The Maple Leaf Forever, German National Socialist Song

·          Million Selling Sheet