Bennett, John (c. 1735 โ€“ 1784) 

Last Edited: 02-Apr-2014 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas

Date Title / Tracks Performers Parameters
Trumpet Voluntary
Larghetto - Allegro
  1. Haig Mardirosian, organ of the Lutheran
    Church of the Reformation,
    Washington, DC 
  1. MHS 1854 (1974) LP
    5:01, 7059, S

Bennet, John (c. 1570 โ€“ c. 1614)

Date Title / Tracks Performers Parameters

Weep, Oh Mine Eyes
  1. Paris Polyphonic Ensemble of the
    French Radio-Television,
    Charles Ravier 
  1. MHS 905 (1968) LP
    2:48, 3950, S

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