Dunstable, John (c. 1390 – 1453) 

Last Edited: 30-Oct-2015 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas

Date Title / Tracks Performers Parameters
  Sancta Maria
  1. Primavera Singers of the New
    York Pro Musica Antiqua,
    Noah Greenberg
  1. Everest SDBR 3145/7 originally
    Counterpoint CPTS 5521
    (1953) LP
    2:47, 3927, s

Speciosa facta es,
antiphon for 3 voices, MB 50
(probably by Binchois)
  1. Gothic Voices,
    Andrew Lawrence-King (medieval harp),
    Christopher Page
  1. MHS 513438H (1987) DDD
    2:12, 3149, S

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