Gay, John with music arranged by Johann Christoph Pepusch

Last Edited: 02-May-2013 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas

Date Title / Tracks Performers Parameters
1728 The Beggar's Opera
  1. Act One
  2. Act Two
  3. Act Three
  1. William McAlpine, Ronald Lewis, John Frost,
    Mary Thomas, Doreen Murray, Jean Allister, and Edgar Fleet
    conducted by Max Goberman
  2. Actors: Robert Carroll, Alan Hewitt, Philip Bourneuf, Frank Maxwell,
    Betty Garde, Ann Shepherd, Leon Janney, Bert Whitley,
    Maxine Stuart, Eleanor Wilson, Muriel Campbell, Augusta Roeland
    Singers: Emile Renan, Irwin Dillon, Mary Davenport, Don Loring Rogers
    Dorothy Staiger, Rowan Tudor, Helen Thigpen, Nancy Walker
    produced, music  prepared and directed by Max Goberman
  3. Bob Hoskins, Ian Caddy, Sarah Walker, Adrian Thompson,
    Charles Daniels, Bronwen Mills, Richard Jackson, Anne Dawson
    The Broadside Band, Jeremy Barlow
  1. Everest 3127/2
    I: 31:29, 29472, S
    II: 30:05, 28151, S
    III: 28:05, 26289, S 
  2. CMS 599/2 (1970) LP
    I: 39:16, 55153, M
    II: 38:02, 53413, M
    III: 31:02, 43586, M
  3. MHS 523661L (1991) DDD
    I 1-30: 49:29, , S
    II: 1-36: 26:00, , S
    III: 1-37: 50:05, , S

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